Gladiator "Death Smiles At Us All" clip [HD RE-CUT online!!!]

Gladiator "Death Smiles At Us All" clip [HD RE-CUT online!!!]
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!! HD RE-CUT online !!!

original description:

The track is called "Death Smiles at us all" from "More Music from Gladiator". I had to re-arrange the scenes of the dialogue between Commodus and Maximus a bit to match them to the music and the dialogue of the track. Hope you enjoy this clip from this magnificent Ridley Scott movie with one of the best scores Hans Zimmer ever composed. It's a shame he lost the Academy Award to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon :-\

Note: I made this when Youtube still was 4:3, not 16:9. So thats why there are these faaat ugly bars at the sides. Sorry for that!



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