War Of The Worlds | "Iridescent"

War Of The Worlds | "Iridescent"
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Hey Everyone! Here's my next Vid!

For the record: I own Nothing! The motion picture seen in this video belongs to Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks Pictures, and Amblin Entertainment, and its visionary director Steven Spielberg. The music content, performed by the music group "Linkin Park", used in this video belongs to the music company that hold control over its distribution and availability. I only borrow such materials to express and explore my skills in video editing, nothing more.

After a long summer of trying to find a new video to make, this one has finally come to fruition. And it suprisingly didn't take that long to make or edit, apart from a few quirks here and there. I will try to make more as soon as I can. Until then, please watch, rate and comment.


UPDATE: The 1 Million views mark has been crossed! Thank you so much for those who watch! :)

UPDATE: Chester Bennington - R.I.P. (7/20/17)



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