The Matrix Reborn - Second Matrix 4 Trailer Personal Edit

The Matrix Reborn - Second Matrix 4 Trailer Personal Edit
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My idea for The Matrix Reborn aka Matrix 4.


20 years after the events of The Matrix Revolutions, Neo appears back in the Matrix as a program who hunts rogue programs being protected by the Merovingian. Unaware of his past, he teams with a woman who exhibits abilities like Neo and is a target of the Merovingian. As Neo reveals how she can free herself of the system as well as embarking on a journey that could end the Matrix itself, he begins to uncover his true power and long forgotten memories from the distant past...


This video was edited by me using various scenes from movies. There are people re uploading this EXACT trailer, edited by me, onto their channels claiming that this is the official trailer for Matrix 4, designed to fool people. It is not. If you are going to download and re upload the exact video, please give credit where credit is due.



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