The Most Horrifying but Courageous Scene in "Predators"

The Most Horrifying but Courageous Scene in "Predators"
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Negotiating with a Predator
How to negotiate in the next level with a predator


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certaine moment de cette scene on etait coupe a cause des droit d'auteur


The Crucified Predator was captured by the Berserker and his hunting party sometime before the events of Predators. When Royce and his group came to the Super Predator's camp, they found the Crucified Predator strung up to one of the pikes jetting out of the ground. When Nikolai came close to him and tapped him with his M134 Minigun, the captured Predator awakened and started roaring at the shocked humans. Soon after, the Super Predators arrived and started to assault the group of humans. The captive Predator roars in hatred at his rival clan members, adding more chaos to the incident. When the humans fled from the camp, the tied up Yautja lowered his head in despair. Several hours later, Royce comes back to the camp and makes a deal with the Predator. By letting Royce go back to Earth, he would untie him. The Predator agrees and uses his Wrist Gauntlet to hack into the Super Predators' ship and sends it on a course to Earth. When the Predator finished gearing up from his retrieved equipment, the Berserker showed up to drop Edwin and Isabelle, which he just captured, into a pit. The Super Predator spotted him and unsheathed his Scimitar. Royce ran for the ship while the two engaged in combat.

Berserker about to decapitate the Crucified Predator
The Berserker had the upper hand most of the time. The Super Predator fired some shots from his Plasma Caster to vanquish his foe. But when the Predator took cover under a log, the Berserker drew in to investigate. This was all part of the Predator's plan, however, because when the Berserker leaned towards the log, the Yautja tackled him from behind and knocked him back. The Berserker soon recovered from this and gave three severe headbutts which knocked off the Predator's Bio-Mask. The Super Predator took off his mask and roared to try and strike fear into his opponent, but the Crucified Predator was unfazed by this. The Berserker finished his opponent by swiftly slicing his head off. The defeated Predator's head and lifeless body fell to the ground. The Super Predator roared over the corpse in victory and put his Bio-Mask back on.

The Crucified Predator, like the rest of the mainstream Predators, was an honorable hunter. After he was released, he grabbed Royce by the throat. Afterwards, though, he let him go as the Predator was only inspecting him. This was a sign of Crucified keeping his deal with Royce to get him off the planet. He was a skilled warrior, but because of his capture and perhaps even tortured by the Super Predators, he was weakened and not at the full peak of his strength and stamina. This added with the Berserker Predator using plasma weaponry to disorient him, resulted in the eventual defeat and subsequent decapitation of the Crucified Predator.

This Predator had an appearance that was similar to the Jungle Hunter seen in the original film, although he was shorter. This could be that the Crucified was a Young Blood warrior, but even possibly younger than Scar's hunting party.



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