Lord of the Rings in 60 seconds

Lord of the Rings in 60 seconds
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Der Ton is net von mir die Anordnung der Filmschnipsel schon.
Well, not my sound but my video editing.

The Text:
Bilbo: Frodo, I'm going away and leaving you my magic gold ring.

Frodo: Wow, Your ring?

Bilbo: Yeah, hope you like it. Bye!

Door slams.
Door opens.

Bilbo: Oh, and the ring is cursed.

Door slams again.

*knock knock*

Frodo: Hi Gandalf.

Gandalf: Hey, nice ring.

Frodo: Yeah, and it's cursed!

Gandalf: Really? Does it have an inscription of ancient evil?

Frodo: Let's see... It says, "Brandon and Tanya Forever."

Gandalf: No, under that.

Frodo: Oh, here it is. "If found, please return to Sauron, Lord of Darkness."

Gandalf: Oooh that's bad. The Lord of Darkness probably has evil henchmen looking for it right now.

*knock knock*

Frodo: Who is it?

Voice: Evil henchman.

Door opens.

Frodo: Yes? What can I do for you?

Evil Henchman: The Lord of Darkness has lost his ring of evil. Do you have it?

Frodo: No.

Evil Henchman: Uhh.. What about his sunglasses of evil?

Frodo: Nope.

Evil Henchman: His keys to the evilmobile?

Frodo: No. Sorry, I have to go now. Bye.

Evil Henchman: Wait... Uh... What about his umbrella of doom?

Door slams.

Evil Henchman: ...His galoshes of wickedness?... Hello?....



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