Top 10 Harry Potter Fan Theories

Top 10 Harry Potter Fan Theories
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Top 10 Harry Potter Fan Theories
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The wizarding world is a wide and unruly place, and with so much magic happening right beneath the noses of muggles there simply has to be some things we don't know, right? for this list, we countdown the wild, weird, clever and plausible theories which circulate around Harry Potter and JK Rowling's creation. From the farfetched to the almost logical, there's a theory for everything. Expect talk of wars, time travel, werewolves, death and immortality with all your favourite characters including Harry, Hermionie, Ron, Dumbledore, Malfoy, the Weasleys, the Dursleys, Sirius Black, Professor McGonagall and Lord Voldermort.

00:25 #10. Harry Potter Imagined the Whole Thing
01:07 #9. George Weasley is Willy Wonka
02:07 #8. Ginny Won Harry over with a Love Potion
02:49 #7. Harry is Immortal
03:35 #6. Dumbledore is Death
04:11 #5. Horcruxes are Created via Cannibalism
04:50 #4. The Dursley’s are Horrible because Harry is a Horcrux
05:30 #3, #2, #1: ???

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