THE TANK -starcraft siege tank animation

THE TANK -starcraft siege tank animation
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This is my first big project I've been workin for a long time. It is stylized to starcraft universe. Do not expect any plot here. This is extended model presentation only.
Project had started as "simple"xD blender animation. After that I realized I can squeeze some more from it.
I took inspiration from orginal starcraft tank model, Vitaly Bulgarov sc2 model (tank support leg), and Andrew Cramer's AE tricks/works.
Here is one illogical bug, but I leave it as it is for now :)

2 Minor models are not mine, but I made some changes in them.

tank cokpit is from great modeler ChrisKuhn

bottom main part of space station is done by Vostok

Sorry for noisy renders but ...you know :p
Animations done in blender (only tunguska explosion part is rendered in 3ds max)
space & inside cokpit scenes done with element 3d
Composition AE

soundtracks: ground control/starcraft/bortherlands themes
sounds: bunch real live from yt (moving tanks, machines etc), Cramer's motion pulse sound pack and half-life ingame sounds.

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