The Goddesses of Bellydance: vol. 225

The Goddesses of Bellydance: vol. 225
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Happy Tuesday dear friends! Today we say goodbye to July, 2018, and what better way than to enjoy one last performance. With that in mind, please welcome: Ksenia Solonetskaya (Ukraine/Russia); Anastasia Biserova (Russia); Marcela Borelli (Brazil); Marina Calzavara (a.k.a. "Aniram Amira")(Italy); Olga Batsun (Ukraine); Sadie Marquardt & Kaya (U.S.A.); Nora Fatehi (Canada/India); Damiana Levy (Ecuador); Oksana Beskrovnaya (Ukraine); Angelika Akopova (Armenia/Russia); Anna Rubtsova (Russia); Mónica Raga (Spain); Mary Roessler (Brazil); Janelle Issis (U.S.A.); Alla Kushnir (Ukraine); Tatiana Rabetskaya (a.k.a. "Tatiana Nedosenko")(Belarus/Poland); Boriana Dimitrova (Bulgaria); Kadia (China/Hong Kong); and Weronika "Sahar" Litwin (Poland). Enjoy!

Music: "Bellies & Brass" by Zeb & Nickodemus

As always, I do not own any of the material contained herein, nor do I receive any compensation from it. I have simply compiled this material from other sources and presented it for the entertainment of the viewing audience. All credit and rights belong to the original artists.

Most of the videos I use are culled from various YouTube channels. Two of my favorite go-to channels are those of Valdimir Kluchenkov and Oldfrinx Bellydance. There you can see the original videos in their entirety as well as many other bellydance related videos and bellydance content.

Oldfrinx: https://www.youtube.com/cha...
Vladimir Kluchenkov: https://www.youtube.com/cha...



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