The Truth About Steven Seagal in Aikido

The Truth About Steven Seagal in Aikido
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Most of us know Steven Seagal as an Aikido master, turned movie star. Yet when you look at the life of Steven Seagal and his life in Aikido more closely, many plot holes start to pop out. Being a controversial figure as he is – one can only stop and wonder – what was the influence of Seagal to martial arts and his primary art – Aikido? To better understand the answer, we will have to look at some details that are often left unmentioned.

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In this video, I will briefly talk about Steven Seagals life story, a quick biography, and other issues in Steven Seagals life and career such as several mentions of sexual harassment and violence.

Some choose to call Steven Seagal a fake, fraud or liar. Some will say Steven Seagals history in Aikido has been faked or changed, and indeed much of his timeline doesn’t add up.

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I hope that after watching this video, you have a better idea of who Steven Seagal is as a person, and how Steven Seagal influenced Aikido throughout history. Not only that, I hope you also understand how Steven Seagal is not necessarily representative of Aikido as a whole, and you understand that in Aikido and Martials arts there is a lot of talk about Steven Seagal in general.

So is Steven Seagal a liar? Is Steven Seagal a fake? Is Steven Seagal a fraud? I think you have to decide that on your own, and in your own research – but it’s clear that at least in Aikido, though it appears also other areas of his life, there are many “interesting” things about Steven Seagal.

What do you think is a true martial artist? Is Steven Seal a good example? Join the discussion bellow in the comments!

Narrator and editor: Sensei Rokas
Music: Silent Partner - Dark Step



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