Did the Engineers Create the Predators ? PROOF

Did the Engineers Create the Predators ? PROOF
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Engineers Created Predators ? Proofs

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Music: audionautix atlantis

Before we begin to look at the evidence in the movies and other sources whether the engineers created the predators or the Yautja, i think it’s important to establish what is canon in alien and Predator universes.
And as you probably know, if alien and predator franchises are in the same world, we have a few major plot holes.

Alien Covenant suggests that David created the xenomorphs and even Ridley Scott him self in a few interviews confirmed that David is in fact the creator of xenomorph speicies therefore alien vs predator movies cannot be in the alien canon, simply because they happen about 80 years before David creates xenomorphs, which means all predators movies are not in the alien canon. Alien movies cannot be in the predator canon either because in alien vs predator of 2004 mr weyland dies and in Prometheus Peter weyland is still alive.

Ridley Scott mentioned that he had no interest in connecting predator and alien franchises and said that alien vs predator wasn’t a great idea.

All that is to say to that Alien and Predator canon are kinda of messed up and have a few contradictory elements. We cannot deny and disregard all the comic books, video games and movies with predators, xenomorphs and engineers seemily appearing in the same world. so they are kinda of in the same universe but it’s not officialy canon because of Alien Covenant. Blade Runner movies are in the alien canon and you can check out my other video to see how they are connected.

Despite seemingly contradictory facts like the death of mr weyland in avp and david creating the xenomorphs, I found a way to explain how these elements can fit together in the same universe so that engineers creating predators makes more sense.

In alien vs predator of 2004 Charles Bishop Weyland is the chair man and probably the biggest share holder of Weyland industries and we also know that Peter Weyland's father was a self taught engineer. So the reasonable explanation might be that Bishop Weyland who founded Weyland Industries is the father of Peter Weyland who inherited his shares of the company and turned Weyland industries into Weyland corporation after his father’s death in avp

To me it seems like a good correction for the continuity error cause by Prometheus.

So all what David did is that he took the black goo and after many experiments found a way to properly manipulat it in order to grow eggs with face huggers that would empregnate hosts to span xenomorphs.

These explanations would fix contradiction of avp movies and allow predators, enginners and xenomoprs to exist in the same universe without continuity errors. I think they’ll have to come up with something like this if they are going to make a cross over between predators and engineers which I really hope they do.

A made a few videos exploring the ealy Prometheus script in which Engineer dialogues are extended and we learn many things that were not inlcuded in the movie. At one point the awakened engineer says to Weyland that many worlds have been crafted by the hand of our fathers and that Yours was the only one that was successful. You should take a look at my in depth analysis videos of the script if you wanna learnt more about it.

So If we know that Engineers created multiple life forms, that predators exist in the same universe and that Engineers were present at least 4 billion years ago (when the life started on Earth) then it's logical to conclude that the Engineers created the Predators and not vice versa.
In addition Engineers have a bigger lifespan compared to predators, as it says in the script that that engineers can live up to hundred thousand years as opposed to predators who can live to a few hundred years.

In the predators requiem movie, we can actually see the skull of the spacejokey as one of the trophees, which once again confirms the connection between these two species. And as you can see it has this elephant like structure which is probably due to the fact that avp requiem came out before prometheus so they assumed that the biosuit was a permanent part of an engineers body.

Ridley Scott called Egnineers gardeners of space in one of the interviews so it’s very possible that they created all the life forms in the galaxy or the entire universe which literaly makes them Gods.

Therefore, a war between Engineers and Predators is very likely and we might even get some glimpses of it in the future alien film. That would give a possible explanation to why Engineers build so many military bases as we’ve seen in Prometheus as if they were engaged in a military conflict with another race.

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