This Is How The Harry Potter Movies WRECKED The Actors' Lives

This Is How The Harry Potter Movies WRECKED The Actors' Lives
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The lives of Harry Potter's actors after the movie series.
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Harry Potter is a franchise that flows deep in the hearts of many. Be it wizards or the ordinary muggles who are still waiting on their Hogwarts acceptance letter, the fandom is bursting with people who love the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Maybe you read the books first, then went right into watching the films or vice versa, but your love for Harry Potter surely goes way beyond the big screen adaptations.

Like many other fans of the series, diehard potterheads are wrapped up in the lives of those who brought their favorite wizard characters to life. To those who only had a minor role in a single Potter entry to those actors who were recurring fan favorites, these actors devoted a huge chunk of their lives to making the world of Harry Potter something everyone can easily fall in love with. While the films made some of these actors’ careers, a few members of the Harry Potter cast weren’t so lucky.


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