Transformers I, II, III - List of Movie Robots (Old Version)

Transformers I, II, III - List of Movie Robots (Old Version)
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I have now created an updated version and uploaded it here on YouTube - https://youtu.be/foSh5TCyeB4

Seeing that they don't really explain who's who....here's more or less the full list of Autobots and Decepticons from the 3 Transformers movies.

Music Remix of 'Arrival to Earth / Scorponok' also by me (Midian)

Please note (as so many people have wrongly said)

1) Grindor is not Blackout (Blackout died in the 1st movie)
2) Skipjack is not Rampage (Rampage was already apart of the massive Devastator).
3) The Tank from the first film was only called Devastator because Michael Bay prefered that name (should have been Brawl)
4) Mirage is called "Dino" in the 3rd movie

And yes....

1) I have forgotten to add Elita-One and Chromia



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